Equine Embroidery is unique. It provides the customizing and personalization of equine accessories that can be bulky and difficult to handle without the proper know-how.

  • Through many years of experience as an award-winning dressage competitor and an equine embroidery supplier, we are knowledgeable about the processes it takes to obtain the end result of a beautifully embroidered horse design on horse blankets, equine sheets, and other horse gear, i.e. chokers.
  • As proud equestrians ourselves, naturally we’ve included pictures of “The Boys”, great animals, and friends – Maestro (on the left – American racehorse thoroughbred), Touchstone (on the right- Canadian thoroughbred dressage trained) – both 16.3.
  • We have a wide variety of horse and western-themed designs and logos. We can combine designs with text in a wide variety of fonts to produce accessories for you and your horse.
  • We offer custom-designed horse logos on sportswear such as jackets, caps, sweatshirts, and golf shirts.


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